About Mind Cure

Mind Cure records is a vinyl only record store located in the Polish Hill section of Pittsburgh. Our specialty is high quality used LPs as well as small press and independent new releases and reissues. We focus is both new and used Punk, Psych, Jazz, Blues, Soul, Electronic, Avant-Garde and 20th Century Composition.

Our hours are:

Monday-Saturday: 12-8

Sunday: 12-5

We buy records everyday. If you have a record collection that you would like to sell you can: give us a call at the store – (412) 621 1715 – email – orders@mindcurerecords.com – or just bring them on down.

Mind Cure, while located slightly off the beaten path, is easily accessible by bus, bike or car. We are only a few blocks off of the Herron Ave. stop on the East Busway and the 54D comes right through the neighborhood. Below are links to the schedule and route of the 54 bus.

Click here to view the route map for the 54 bus. 

Click here to view the schedule for the 54 bus.

There is ample on street parking and there is a bike rack right out front.

Click here to view a map of where we are located and to find directions.

If have any questions about how to find us, or otherwise, please call the store at:

(412) 621-1715

We also sell harder to find records online through discogs. You can find our page here:

1 Response to About Mind Cure

  1. Paul McKenna says:

    Stumbled across the YouTube video on the Electric Banana and then the little clip showing off the Real Enemy re-ish. Fantastic stuff that brought back lots of memories.

    I was a DJ on WRCT from 83-88 – Otto of ‘JP and Otto’ – and I’m the guy who provided the rip of Real Enemy to Joe Stumble for posting on his great (and now defunct) blog ‘Last Days of Man on Earth.’ A few years back I made my first visit back to the ‘burgh in over 20 years (with JP) to see Negative Approach at Gooski’s. We met up with Sam Matthews who told me that Vince Curtis was not happy to have Real Enemy mp3’s out there. Felt kinda bad, as my goal was simply to get this overlooked classic some well-deserved attention. After 25+ years, I figured Vince, Mike L and crew had had plenty of time to re-issue if they were of a mind to do so. In any event, looks like you guys have done a spectacular job, and given ‘Life With The Enemy’ the treatment it so richly deserves.

    The Banana ‘documentary’ clip and the blog interview with Jim of Jim’s Records, brought me back to mid-80s Pittsburgh. I came to town from Philadelphia and was very depressed to find that there were no all ages shows anywhere – by that point they were a weekly occurrence in Phila and most other big towns. It was a major let down for me, only partially offset be the discovery of the fantastic Jim’s records.

    It was outside Jim’s that I was accosted one day by a guy screaming ‘Hey punk, hey punk rocker..’ In Philly, this was usually prelude to an altercation, but in this case it turned out to be Mike Lavella who was out distributing flyers for the first Half Life show with The Five – at some theater in Shadyside(?)… all ages! We got to talking, I went to the gig – thought Half Life were terrible, but was totally blown away by the Five – and afterwards Mike introduced me to Jeff Lamm who invited me to visit his apartment by the Art Institute where we traded recordings of various hard-to-find hardcore 7″. My entree to the local scene…

    Half Life got better, the Five moved to Boston, the Banana started having all ages shows, and so began 4 years of great times in what became a really thriving scene. Look back very fondly on those years. Since leaving Pittsburgh, I’ve lived in DC, New York, Boston, Paris, and London… but I’ve never found a better or more inviting music scene. Pittsburgh had (and hopefully still has) something special. Glad to see you guys doing what your doing and wish you much success.

    Are Mind Cure t-shirts available? I’d be happy to buy one, and proud to sport it about town.

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