Third Man’s Rolling Store Will be Here Friday the 11th (Tomorrow)

At 3pm They Will Set Up Shop in Front of Mind Cure: I hope that you will come out and welcome Third Man to Pittsburgh. As they are known to do, these folks are playing their cards a little bit close as to what to expect when they get here,  but I am sure that it will be a sight to be seen. So make sure that you are here. If you are unfamiliar with what this store on wheels is all about check out this video from when they rolled it out for SXSW. 

That’s not all that’s going on around Mind Cure these days though. This week brought in orders from Ebullition, Mississippi and Light in the Attic with tons of great new releases and restocks. From Ebullition we were able to get copies of the new record from Japanese maniacs Zyanose who’s LP ‘Why There Grieve?’ is total ripper! Also from Ebullition are records from School Jerks, Seven Seconds, Night Birds, Cock Sparrer and more! From Mississippi records came a reissue of material from American punkers Neo Boys as well as wild sounds from farther reaches of the globe – Zebby Tembo and Mammane Sani’s respective LPs are both out there in their own respects. From Light in the Attic came a new deluxe 2LP issue of the Day of the Dead OST, and Death Waltz restocks,  just in time for Halloween and more copies of the essential Roky Erickson ‘Evil One’ 2LP, which is pretty damn spooky in it’s own right, so make sure you have that on hand for all your demonic Halloween needs too.

In local music news we have in stock the new LP from long time Pittsburgh saxophonist Ben Opie, ‘Insert Title Here.’ (that really is the title, I didn’t forget to put it in there). These purple marble LPs, housed in hand made sleeves and out of an edition of 269 won’t stick around long, so make sure you get one while you can. This week also brought the LPs of the next Mind Cure reissue from 1985, The Savage Amused. I am incredibly excited to get these records out in the world and wish that I could describe it better than I can, but the sound of this is just too wild to even try –  click this link and hear the opening track of this absolute rager of a record. These should be wrapped up shortly so stay tuned for more details! Until then crank this track and keep thrashin!


About mindcurerecords

Mind Cure Records opened in June 2010 in the Polish Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Come visit us!
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