The September Single of the Month is Out This Saturday the 21st

 It’s Not Your Imagination –

This Months Single Did Come a Little Bit Early.

It seemed like next weekend was going to be too hectic for a record release: So we decided to bring September’s Single of the Month out a week early (in case you are not sure what I am talking about, next weekend is the Mind Cure $1 Sale). This month’s record is from Killer of Sheep. The band itself has only been around for a few years, but the members have been mainstays in the Pittsburgh Punk and Hardcore scenes for nearly 30 years. Guitar player Oyo Ellis and Drummer Greg Mairs began playing together in the mid-80s as a part of The Battered Citizens and have played in various bands together and apart since then. They hooked up with vocalist Ollie, and after a slight lineup change, bass player Akay and have solidified into force to be reckoned with. Their original song ‘Pawns’ is backed with their cover of the Pittsburgh Hardcore classic ‘Never Give In’ by Half Life. Check them out in this video where they talk about the band and their record.

There will be an unofficial release show for this record on Friday the 20th at Gooskis – records will not be for sale until midnight, keeping with the Saturday street date. Click here for the complete details.

As I mentioned earlier – next weekend, the 28th, is the 2nd part of the Mind Cure $1 sale. There is a whole storage space that needs to be cleaned out and I am going to be putting a lot of great stuff for a buck, so make sure you stop down. I hope to see you soon, keep thrashin!


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Mind Cure Records opened in June 2010 in the Polish Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Come visit us!
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