The Gotobeds Single of the Month is Out Saturday.

The Gotobeds have been busy over the last few weeks: Fresh off the Road and their WFMU debut on the Cherry Blossom Clinic With Terre T, they have been turning heads and perking up ears up and down the East Coast. After several incarnations over the last few years the band has cemented into a solid songwriting unit and are able to pull out live performances that are as chaotic as they are catchy. Featuring Eli and TFP of Kim Phuc fame and the rock solid rhythm section Gavin and Cary, The Gotobeds have really come into their own this year. I’m incredibly excited about this single which pairs their original song ‘Ipso Facto (It’s all Happening)’

with the classic Australian Punk song ‘Television Addict.’

As with the previous singles there is a video that gives some background on The Gotobeds and features some great live footage. 

As a reminder these singles are strictly limited to 300 copies and they have been selling fast. June’s Zeitgeist single is nearly gone and last months Carousel single has completely sold out at the store – if you haven’t grabbed one yet you should still be able to get a copy from the band or from their new label Tee Pee Records.

Also as summer draws into in an end it’s getting time to bust out your denim – we got new embroidered patches in the store today so make some room on your jacket or vest and pick one of these up while you can!
As always keep thrashin!


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