Carousel’s Single of the Month Out Saturday 7/27/13

A Month Has Gone By

Time for July’s Single of the Month

It has been a whirlwind few weeks: It seems like just yesterday that we were gearing up for the 3rd anniversary party and the first release in the Mind Cure Single of the Month Series, but it’s time again for another 7inch record. This month’s band is the hard rock powerhouse Carousel. Their debut 12inch EP was one of my favorite records of last year, and I kick myself for not putting it out when I had the chance. I was given an opportunity to redeem my foolish oversight by coaxing them into doing a single as a part of the series. Phew!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Carousel you can check out this short video that we put together about them here:

For those of you who have been initiated into the rock action of this Pittsburgh 4 piece, you might be a little surprised by the A-Side of this record, ‘On My Way,’ it’s a little faster paced, a little more NWOBHM than some of their other tunes. You can hear for yourself by checking out the full song here:

For their cover song Carousel rips out an amazing version of the stone cold classic Thin Lizzy song ‘Warriors.’ This was a long time staple of their live set which I am proud to have as the B-Side of this single. You can also hear the full version of the song here:

Carousel will also be playing a show on Saturday night at Gooski’s in celebration of the release of this single as well as some birthday festivities, so stop on out! The full information on the show is available here.
Remember that these singles are limited to 300, so if you want a copy make your way to Mind Cure this Saturday and grab one while you can!


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