When the Real Enemy reissue came out I was surprised by how many folks were unaware the history of Mind Cure before it was a record store. I don’t know why I was surprised, it had been a dormant label for nearly 15 years when the doors opened at 3138 Dobson St. With this in mind I thought that it would be a fun project to make a video about the history of label, it’s founders and it’s releases, but as is the case with many of these projects it soon took on a life of it’s own and became a much bigger project. I’m not sure what that life is yet, but it has turned into a much larger undertaking than I had initially set out make – the idea being to have the short film completed in time for the stores 3rd anniversary, which is also the labels 30th anniversary, but I now have over 30 hours of footage, more questions than answers and as always a time crisis on my hands. After loosing a fair amount of sleep trying to figure out what the big picture or idea is now and working towards that one goal I have decided to take another approach. Inspired by friends who have been working with web comics and publishing pieces weekly or monthly en route to a single cohesive project  I have decided to start cutting together stand alone segments of this movie and putting them up online as I edit together the larger narrative. This first segment to go up is picking up not in the beginning exactly nor the middle of the story, but somewhere in between. This segment focuses on the Electric Banana and Mind Cure founder’s Mike LaVella and Dave Martin’s early experiences there and the beginnings of all ages Hardcore shows at the Banana.  Feedback is welcome, and keep in mind that this is a segment of a larger story. I hope to have a segment up by the end of each month at the least, but first things first:


About mindcurerecords

Mind Cure Records opened in June 2010 in the Polish Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Come visit us!
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