Record Store Day is Almost Here and We Are Working Overtime to Get Ready

Here’s the scoop: Almost all of out RSD releases have been checked in, I’m staring down a mountain of used records, just calling my name to come price them and as usual I’m not quite certain how I am going to get this all done, but it comes together every year somehow. On top of the awesome crop of Record Store Day titles this year, and on top of the deluge of restocks that have come in with them, I am pulling out all the stops with the used records this year on RSD – I have pulled a lot of stuff out of my personal collection, especially great jazz, soul and psych LPs (think Impulse Blue Note, ESP etc.) – I am also putting together 30 boxes of fresh cheap records that are really going to curl your toes. These boxes, which I am putting out for cheap in order to get rid of a storage space, are of a higher caliber than the normal cheap fare, there are tons of great common titles but also a lot of Avant Garde and International LPs that I just don’t have room to hold onto any more. There is nearly a full box of SEALED Avant LPs, there tons of uncommon records going out that I will be selling for $2 each or 7 for $10. To say that there are bargins in these boxes is an understatement, so make sure that you take a flip through them.

Please keep in mind that next weekend is PVC at Pittsburgh Filmmakers and we will be bringing out even more great records for that, so don’t miss it. I need to get back to pricing records, but for all the details on what we have in for RSD check out the store Facebook page here. Keep thrahsin and be safe of wild maniacs throwing elbows at record stores all weekend, because if you’re going to loose a tooth you want it to be a better story than that.


About mindcurerecords

Mind Cure Records opened in June 2010 in the Polish Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Come visit us!
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