Discharge is Here From Havoc and Lee Hazlewood From Light in the Attic

Some of the most important records ever made are at Mind Cure right now: While this may seem like a bold statement, in bold none-the-less, it is nothing short of the absolute truth. There are records and bands that I get excited about, bands that I have a personal affinity for, bands that are commonly understood to be unique, influential, important, but it is rare that I get a chance to talk about a band or musician who are not only amazing, but also spawned an entire genre of music. If the suspense is killing you and you just can’t stand it any longer, or maybe you guessed it, yes, I am talking about Discharge. To some Discharge may just be another t-shirt band, or maybe they are band that get’s lumped in with a certain type of low-brow music in the clouded minds of some sophisticated listeners who look down their nose and over their spectacles at the black and white DIY aesthetic of a Discharge record, but there is no doubt that these are essential records for any fan of rock music. The creators of D-Beat, the rhythm, and D-Beat, the genre, were championed by John Peel himself, and who are we to question his exquisite taste. Now in the convient age that we live in, and thanks to Havoc records the first 2 Discharge LPs, as well as their first 5 singles are back in print on vinyl, in excellent packaging and are priced to fit into even the most modest budget. These records are certainly not for the weak of heart, but if you can’t take the relentless rock noise of Discharge it’s time you swallow some vitamins to fortify your bones, put on your skinny headband and charge your hair because there is no excuse to live a life short of this powerful music. Clay records said it best when they released their first single, so I’ll just let them have the last word here:

It’s kind of hard to follow that, but I am going to try, if you need a break from the sonic overload of Discharge the Death Waltz label has just the thing for you – two more deluxe reissues of classic horror soundtracks. This current batch of spooky records has brought the sounds of one of my favorite films ‘They Live’ back into print on LP, as well as the ‘Halloween II’ OST onto the long playing format. These are excellent reissues with top notch packaging and the cover art for each release is amazing. The Death Waltz label is certainly one to keep your eyes on because they have some great things in store for the future. This week also brought in the latest Lee Hazlewood reissue on Light in the Attic. This time around they have dusted off Hazlewood’s debut, ‘Trouble is a Lonesome Town’ and given it a new life as a double LP. As always Light in the Attic has done a bang up job with this, and rather than try and paraphrase what they have to say about this release, see for yourself here.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the 13th of April when the Pittsburgh Vinyl Convention teams up with the Pittsburgh Vintage Mixer at the Heinz History Center, followed the next weekend by National Record Store Day and then the Pittsburgh Vinyl Convention is back again in full force the weekend after that at Pittsburgh Filmmakers. So make sure you are saving your pennies and to hit the Coinstar because there are going to be a lot of records that you will certainly want to get your mitts on over the next few weeks. I hope to see you soon, but until then make sure to Keep Thrashin!


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Mind Cure Records opened in June 2010 in the Polish Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Come visit us!
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