It’s Not Everyday That You Get to Hype Up One of Your Favorite Records

The Reissue of The Big Boys “Where’s My Towel/Industry Standard” Has Given Me A Rare Opportunity.

I’m Highly Biased When It Comes to the Big Boys:They are one of my all time favorite bands. They cross all kinds of genre’s, sounds and vibes. They seriously kick ass, and it has never been a better time to be or become a Big Boys fan. When I was first made aware of the Big Boys there were two options: The Skinny Elvis and The Fat Elvis. If you’re scratching your head at what the hell I am talking about I’ll explain, these were two CD comps that were rough break downs of the Big Boys early and later material, you get the picture. Light in the Attic has come through with a deluxe reissue of this Skinny Elvis-era long-player – “Where’s My Towel/Industry Standard” and they have given it their usual no-expense-spared treatment. While the Big Boys live split record with The Dicks pre-dates this particular release, this 12 inch piece of vinyl marks their true entry into the full length format. This is a record that not only grabs you on the first listen, but truly gets better with each listen. If you are unfamiliar with the Big Boys or just want the full details on the amazing opportunity to own this on LP that Light in the Attic has gifted the earth,check out this video. Just do it. There is so much that could be said about the Big Boys, but just listen to this song, and if you aren’t convinced, listen to this one. If you still aren’t convinced you might well be doomed. On top of all this there is another Big Boys reissue descending on planet earth this April from Texas’ 540 records, so make sure you keep your ears open for that  too.

There are other great Light in the Attic releases in the store now from Marcos Valle – who delivers out of this world Tropicalia, perfect for these lingering winter days – as well as the Donnie & Joe  “Dreamin’ Wild” LP. From Matador/Beggars Group copies of the Atoms for Peace and Chelsea Light Moving LPs showed up along with restocks of the latest Iceage LP, plus restocks of our favorite back catalog titles.

Stop on by this weekend to see what else is going on, but be prepared to get the hard sell on a Big Boys LP, because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be doing my job.

Keep Thrashin!


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