Infectious Kraut Grooves, Deep Soul Moods And a Whole Lot More Waiting for You At Mind Cure

There are more than a couple records that I’m really excited to have in stock right now: Late last fall a record by a mysterious Swedish band called Goat started making waves in the indie music press. A remarkable review in Pitchfork and preemptive placement on a lot of year end lists catapulted Goat’s “World Music” LP  beyond being a flash in the pan into the pervue of “serious rock music.” The only problem was that they got so much attention that these highly acclaimed LPs sold out. Fast. Well, after a seeming eternity in the era of instant gratification it has been repressed and we have them in stock. I would highly recommend making up your own mind about Goat by checking out their tunes here and here.

After last weeks Numero order, which opened our ears and minds to the psycho-satanic-world of Medusa, it seemed unlikely that they would be turning heads again so quickly, but this week’s shipment did it with 2 wallet friendly versions of the Syl Johnson catalog and The Lewis Connection LP. If you didn’t grab the epic Syl Johnson “Complete Mythology” box set from 2010 because of it’s daunting price tag, you are in luck. Numero has released “Is it Because I’m Black” and “Dresses Too Short” as individual LPs at a much more affordable price. They also have released the late 70s Jazz-Funk masterpiece from the The Lewis Conection. Hailing from Saint Paul, MN The Lewis Conection (spelled like that on the record cover) released this LP in 1979 and is often referred to as a prime example of the early “Minneapolis Sound.” Hear it for yourself here and make up your own mind about this record of proto-Prince jams.

We also have been buying used records at a rapid rate all week and are finally catching up with pricing them just in time for the weekend. There are records from The Residents, Black Flag, Nation of Ulysses, The Lyres and other rock favorites along with some far out sounds from Mort Garson, Steve Halpern and other synthesists and knob twiddlers. Stop and down and browse these and lots of others that aren’t doing any good sitting in a record store, when they could be on your turntable. Have a great weekend!


About mindcurerecords

Mind Cure Records opened in June 2010 in the Polish Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Come visit us!
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