It’s been a hectic couple of weekends around here!

The big event this weekend is simple: record shopping.

First and foremost: I would like to extend a heartfelt and hearty thank you to everyone who came out to the Mind Cure events over the last month. Whether you came and picked up a few dollar records, came to the record release show at Roboto or got sweaty and thrashed at Gooski’s I would just like to say Thank You. You have helped make some very big projects that we have brewing get set into motion and it couldn’t have happened with your support. There will be more information in the coming weeks about what it is that is the works, and trust me, it’s worth the wait. Now, with that talk of the past and the future out of the way, onto the present!

There have been a couple of big orders to show up this week. Among them was an order from California’s venerable Ebullition records. On top some restocks of classics we have in for the first time the LP repress of the (I know this word gets thrown around a lot so I only say it when I mean it) ESSENTIAL Rudimentary Peni ‘Death Church’ LP. This is your chance to pick up this often imitated never duplicated record by a true musical visionary. Also from Ebullition are restocks of the newest LP from Kicker as well as copies of all of their singles. If you are unfamiliar with Kicker they feature members of Neurosis and Dystopia and are playing Punk. That’s it, it’s not metal, it’s not crust, it’s not hardcore, or pop-punk it’s just Punk. And it’s great. Really you should just check them out for yourself:


About mindcurerecords

Mind Cure Records opened in June 2010 in the Polish Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Come visit us!
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