In stock now are new releases and restocks from Third Man, Forced Exposure, Get Hip, Sing Sing, Plus some serious local rock action

2013 is off to a great start for records: Some of the most interesting releases have been coming out of our hometown, Pittsburgh. right now we have in stock 12 inch releases from Carousel, Brown Angel, The Fitt and Dirty Faces.
Carousel deliver a heavy dose of 70s hard rock and proto-metal that will have you getting up to flip this record more than a couple of times, and wanting more. This 3 song EP is gives you a good taste of what these guys are capable of, but ultimately leave you wanting more. If you need more convincing check out this video of them live to get a sense of what it is that they are capable of.

Brown Angel have come back with another LP of hard to classify metal, mayhem and impending doom. Without one ingredient outweighing the other Brown Angel bring technical skill, innovation and experience to the table with this latest offering of anxiety inducing sludge. In the world over overly classified world of rock music, especially in the metal sub-genre and it’s infinite further sub-genres you are going to have to a hard time figuring out where to file this one, but judge for yourself.

Long running Pittsburgh Grunge veterans The Fitt have produced a final LP after a string of releases on both the 7 inch and 12 inch formats and have . This posthumous LP “The Fitt are Dead” collects the last of The Fitt’s material and also includes a CD of the rest of their recorded output in case you missed it on it’s first go around in the analog format. If you are unfamiliar with The Fitt check them out here.

Lastly on local front are long running Pittsburgh freak rockers The Dirty Faces. After a slew of self released CDs with equally as many line up changes the Faces were most recently part of the roster of New York’s Brah records before going back to their roots and DIYing this LP. With equal parts rock squalor and melody their sound is just as much for the Stooges fan and Dead Head in your heart, butjudge for yourself.

All of these local releases are limited, so act fast if you want to be sure to secure yourself copies.

Also in stock this week are records from Jack White’s Third Man Records featuring restocks of The White Stripes, John Wayne Texas Funeral, Beck, Black Milk and Jack White himself. In from Forced Exposure are two releases collecting the works of little known bands with well known people in them hailing from opposite coasts: Gray was the New York art-punk-no-wave vehicle of Jean Michel Basquiat and friends. At moment Gray are classic downtown art improve and the next Negativland-esque pranksters. From LA’s punk underground are Catholic Discipline who were the platform for Slash Magazine founder Claude “Kickboy Face” Bessy’s mangled ramblings. There were no official recordings made of Catholic Discipline, but these live documents are of really good quality. There are also lots of great restocks and new releases from Get Hip and Sing Sing records including copies of Australian thug rockers Coloured Balls which is a must own record to say the least.

Lastly we have a few events coming up, so mark your calendars:
Saturday January 26th is the Mind Cure $1 sale at Lili Cafe located just below the store
Saturday February 2nd is the Frantic Heart of it/Playoff Beard record release show at the Mr Roboto Project
Friday the 8th of February is the Mind Cure presented local Punk showcase featuring Ratface, Slices, Zeitgeist and Crazy Scorpion Group at Gooskis
Sunday the 10th of February Mind Cure takes of the sound system at Brillobox for Sweet Jams

Click on any of the links above for the event information.

We hope to see you somewhere along the way, keep thrashin!


About mindcurerecords

Mind Cure Records opened in June 2010 in the Polish Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Come visit us!
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