Essential New Releases from Mississippi Records

Hey Folks! Just in time for Christmas, a box full of amazing new releases and reissues has shown up from Mississippi records! First off there is a new collection of recordings from the Alan Lomax archives of the Georgia Sea Island Singers, these predominantly accapella recordings range from somber and haunting to raucous and foot stomping at the drop of a hat. They are not to be missed. This LP also features 3 previously unreleased recordings from the Lomax sessions.

Also in stock is an LP collection of Blues and Spirituals from Eddie Lee Jones & Family, “Yonder Go That Old Black Dog,” a new LP and 7in of guitar playing from Takamba from Ali Ag Amoumine and a new 7in from un-stoppable rockers – Pierced Arrows.

The real meat of this order for me though is the LP version of the Music from Saharan Cellphones compilation. If you have heard these recordings before and know the story than you already know that you needed this yesterday. If not here is the official label hype up:

A compilation of the most popular music circulating the Sahara desert on the unofficial network of cellphones — where mp3s are stored, played, and traded in very literal peer to peer bluetooth transfers. The contemporary West African sound from the new school of DIY production with little or no commercial release outside of their locales, from spaced out Tuareg Autotune, Ivorian Club Jams, Mauritanian Synth, and Malian Hip Hop electro. Collected from memory cards by and released on cassette, the vinyl comes after a years plus of tracking down the composers.

And here is some of the actual music just to drive home how amazing these recordings are:

In the same vein is the Mdou Moctar – Tahoultine / Gulls Remix  7.” Here is the official label hype:

Mdou Moctar is a Tuareg guitarist from Niger, but his anthem “Tahoultine” is unlike anything from the desert — a spaced out Autotuned jam, one of the first of its kind, immensely popular on the unofficial mp3 network across West Africa. Collected by Christopher Kirkley from cellphone memory cards in 2009 and featured on the cassette/LP “Music From Saharan Cellphones”, Mdou’s track is one of the highlights of the compilation. On the b-side is Portland, Oregon
electronic musician Gulls with a bass heavy futuristic remix of “Tahoultine”. The remix is a selection from the Boomarm Nation project “Music For Saharan Cellphones” where the source material was remixed and reinterpreted by musicians and producers from around the world –and sent back to Mali on microSD memory cards.

However, I think that the music really speaks for itself :

Make sure you stop down and pick these up today, because they won’t last! Happy Holidays!


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