Mississippi, Last Laugh and Sublime Frequencies New Releases and More!

It’s been a little while since we did an update, and a there have been a ton of great new and used records coming in the shop since then. I bought some really nice collections over the last week and there are a lot of high quality used LPs hitting the shelves everyday this week, so make sure you stop down!

First off there are a handful of stellar blues and soul reissues from Mississippi Records including a 2LP Blind Willie Johnson collection, another amazing compilation of raw gospel – “Last Time Around” – and two singles from Portland’s own Ural Thomas. All of these releases are nothing short of essential, plus they are all housed in the high quality packaging that we have come to expect from Mississippi.

The full details on each of the releases are here, but you already know that you need to have them:

Blind Willie Johnson:
The complete works of Blind Willie Johnson (minus alternate takes of two songs)  on one album for the first time!  The most powerful gospel blues musician of all time growls & moans through 29 amazing songs. Great duets, ballads & rockers. At times tough & at times tender slide guitar playing that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Not for the faint of heart .  Beautiful clear transfers heard for the first time on vinyl.  A one time pressing not to be missed.  

“Last Time Around”
Part three in Mississippi Records series exploring the rawest side of gospel music (Part one being the “Life is a Problem” compilation & part two being the “Oh graveyard, you can’t hold me always” compilation)  Moving ballads sit side by side with incredibly rocking crunchy guitar workouts.  The recordings span the 1950’s through to the 80’s…but the sound is timeless & consistently soulfull like you won’t believe.  Artists include Precious Bryant, Isaiah Owens, The Hickory Bottom Harmoneers, Boyd Rivers, The Straight Street Holiness Group & many more. We are very proud of this one.   

Ural Thomas:
The third volume in our “North Portland Music Series”…..two great soul songs by local legend Ural Thomas recorded in 1960. ” Push em, Up” is an upbeat soul stomper for the dance floor. “Deep Within’ My heart” is a pretty ballad with tight harmonies & lots of groove.  Ural is an underappreciated musician who toured opening for Otis Redding back in the day, had James Brown plagarize his style, played in countless bands in Portland & Seattle, built a house out of debris salvaged from the Willamette river, mentored countless kids in the neighborhood, & probably wrestled an alligator or two.  Proof that unsung heros live right in our backyard. 

Ural Thomas
The fourth volume in our “Norht Portland Music Series”….a most unusual record.   Ural recorded this in his house with a bunch of neighborhood kids back in 1970.  “Fade Away” is reminicent of the “bad trip’ portion of Sly & The family Stones’ “There’s A Riot Goin’ On”.  A lazy funk riff is accompanied by drony vocal incantations & kids blowing into sawed off bed posts as if they were trumpets!  It really happened.  “Smile” is a more straightforward simple ballad were’in Ural sends a possitive message out to the world.  Ural self pressed 300 copies of this way back when just to prove to the kids accompanying him on it that they can do anything they want if they put there minds to it.  It’s message rings true today. 

If you are somehow still not convinced, just listen to this song, if that doesn’t do it, nothing will:

Next up is another killer punk reissue from Last Laugh Records in the form of The Embarrassment – Patio Set B/W Sex Drive 7in. Hailing from Wichita, Kansas this is another not to be missed American  KBD punk single. Just listen below:

Lastly, among other things, a new LP compilation of Turkish psych guru Erkin Koray came in with a Forced Exposure order this week. This comp of singles and rarities was released on Sublime Frequencies, if you have been following the amazing series of LPs that SF has been putting out, you know that they sell out fast so make sure you come grab one while you can.

There are also tons of used stuff hitting the bins everyday this week everything from punk, 60s rock, jazz and a lot of blues records, so make sure come down and check them out.

Have a great weekend!


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