Power Pop Madness, Psych-Funk and More… Yup We Got a Numero Order.

A few weeks back we were able to get a few copies of one of the best collections of rare tunes that we have heard in a very long time, the Stone Coal White LP on DJ Shadow’s Cali-Tex imprint. Sadly we were only able to get a couple of scarce copies before they sold out from the label, but they have been repressed and are back in the shop. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the super drugged-out psych-funk that is Stone Coal White, well there’s not a whole lot to tell you. The band made two incredibly rare 45s that are only known to exist in quantities that you can count on two hands or less. These two 45s have been compiled here as well as extra tracks found in the basement of an abandoned motorcycle gang hideout in Dayton, Ohio (I know it’s almost too good of a story). Rather than try to explain Stone Coal White, you should just hear it for yourself:

If that wasn’t enough, Numero has also compiled and unleashed 4Lps of killer power-pop in the form of the “Titan: It’s All Pop” box set. While only releasing eight records between 1978-1981, Titan’s roster is a who’s-who of collectible power-pop singles. Once again, we will let the product speak for itself”

Also in stock are copies of the 3X45 box set of Lil Ed and the Soundmasters. Featuring an 8 year old drummer, these sides of bluesy-funk are a true artifact of Chicago’s South Side. Packaged with tons of liner notes and photos this is another amazing artifact from the curators at Numero.

Due in late Friday is a sizable order from Forced Exposure, so make sure you get over to Mind Cure this weekend to grab up all these amazing records before they are gone. As always there are lots of used records hitting the bins everyday. I just priced a bunch of nice 7ins, so stop down and check those out along with all the great LPs in the bins.


About mindcurerecords

Mind Cure Records opened in June 2010 in the Polish Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Come visit us!
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