Parasites of the Western World, The Spits and More!

Are you ready for some new sounds in your life to get you out of that end of summer rut? Well, we’ve got ’em! The week is almost over, and if there are two things you need to get your weekend started and going strong it’s the Parasites of the Western World “Politico” 7in and Spits “(First) Self-Titled” LP reissues. I can’t say enough about each of these records. After dominating the turntable for months, the Self-Titled Parasites of the Western World LP was one of the records of the year at Mind Cure and  “Politico” is more of the same. This reissue of their 1979 7in has fast tracked itself for a late year front runner onto the 2011 list, despite it’s smaller stature than it’s predecessor.

The reissue (first LP issue? It’s hard to keep track) of The Spits “(first) S/T” LP is exactly what you would hope for (either because you already know the jams on here, and couldn’t wait to get them on LP, or because you are new to these essential tunes). Primal punk rock that makes you want to tap your toes and smash your fist against a wall, just the way we like it! Listed below is a full restock list for this week. As always tons of great used records hitting the bins as well, so make sure you stop on down this weekend!

Stock List:
Balam Acab – Wander/Wonder – LP
Phil Cohran – African Skies – LP
Destroyer – Kaputt – LP
Ducktails – Mirror Image – 7in
Dum Dum Girls – S/T – LP
Europa – La Ultima Emocion – LP
Flower Travelin’ Band – Made in Japan – LP
Hygiene – Recruitment – 7in
Mark McGuire – Get Lost – LP
Okmoniks – Party Fever – LP
Om – Conference of the Birds – LP
Om – God is Good – LP
Parasites of the Western World – Politico – 7in
Arthur Russell – Let’s Go Swimming – 12in
Spits – 1st S/T – LP
Spits – 2nd S/T – LP
Spits – 3rd S/T – LP
Spits – 4th S/T – LP
V/A – Secret Museum of Mankind Vol. 3 – LP
Wild Flag – S/T – LP

In record convention news, we will be at both shows on the 8th – PVC and Record Fest. We will also bring out a few extra boxes at Record Fest that were not at PVC, so make sure you hit both shows if you want to see all the goods! Also, we are proud to announce a rare appearance of Spanky Wilson at PVC, so make sure you bring your records for her to sign.

Also make sure that you keep checking in with us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up on all things PVC related:

On a final note, we have FREE TICKETS to the latest Quantum Theatre production, The End of the Affair. This production is taking place in Polish Hill at the former Kaufmann Clinic. Stop into Mind Cure to get FREE TICKETS for the October 6th production and check in at Quantum Theatre on there website:




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Mind Cure Records opened in June 2010 in the Polish Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Come visit us!
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