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Hey Vinyl Lovers! This is a bit later than I hoped, but better late than never. Here is the long anticipated write up on one of the most promising labels to be minted in Pittsburgh – Machine Age Records. This fledgling label, founded in 2011 for the purpose of operating the musical imprints of Machine Age studios is coming on strong. It is the brainchild of Preslav Lefterov (producer, studio owner, and dj), Adam Ratana (producer, dj, and software engineer), Thomas Cox (dj, music journalist, and record collector), and Erin Holland (anthropologist and music lover).
The backbone of this operation is the amazing Machine Age Studios located a few blocks from Mind Cure Records, perched above Polish Hill, on Bigelow Boulevard. For all of you analog enthusiasts, Machine Age is that place for you! Home to everything from a vintage plate reverb, analog tape echoes and an Ampex MM 1200 tape machine to a wall of vintage synths, a Hammond B-3 and a Leslie speaker their equipment list is un-matched in Pittsburgh. Machine Age has captured tracks from a veritable who’s who list of Pittsburgh artists – Zombi, The Modey Lemon, Gangwish and Centipede Eest to name only a few. If you are interested in getting an increasingly rare analog studio experience, this is the spot! Born out of this space is what we are really here for though, In the Machine Age Records.

Started as an outlet for producers and musicians operating from Machine Age Studios this label was born out of an appreciation for machines–new and old–and their indispensable role in the creation of music. While the tempos and genres of music may vary this is the underlying thread that ties this project together.

Right out of the gate Machine Age came on strong with the release of the first single by the Pittsburgh electronic duo TM Eye. As some of you may remember Mind Cure released a limited edition cassette on it’s Mind Skull imprint for Record Store Day, which previewed sample tracks of TM Eye songs. The full version of two of those tracks  “Exposure” and “Pollution” appear on this 10 inch single, where they are given the room they needed to expand into dance floor soundscapes.  Starting with this single TM Eye are discussing the challenges faced by the Earth’s ecosystem through the use of the vinyl medium, and we can’t wait for more!

Coming up next is a highly anticipated 10-inch release from Hidden Twin – the long running solo project of Phil Boyd (singer/guitarist of Modey Lemon, and ½ of TM EYE). Boyd’s past Hidden Twin albums have explored styles from psychedelic folk to ambient electronic music and brilliant songwriting paired with a unique audio/visual texture. This upcoming four song EP from Hidden Twin – Empire Art Gallery Part 1 – showcases a new sound defined by drum machines backing tight and confident songwriting with pop infused hooks suitable for expeditions in the Amazon or the American Southwest. From what we have heard of this release it is something to get excited about!

TM Eye’s must have 10 inch is available at Mind Cure, and the upcoming Hidden Twin release will be here as soon as it hits the streets.

To keep up with all things Machine Age related you can check them out here:

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For all things TM Eye and Hidden Twin related make sure you get over their pages:

TM Eye:,

Hidden Twin:



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Mind Cure Records opened in June 2010 in the Polish Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Come visit us!
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