Weekend Update, PVC News and More!

Hey folks! Thursday is winding down, which means the weekend is almost upon us. It’s been a busy week at Mind Cure, plugging away on the details for the upcoming PVC record convention on October 8th. More dealers are confirming by the day, and it looks like it’s going to be a really great show, so make sure you mark your calenders!

There have been a few new releases coming in the door from Mississippi and Last Laugh/Might Mouth Music. The two that have been dominating the turntable at the shop though are: Laurice “Best of Laurice Vol. 1” and Caethua “The Summer is Over Before it’s Begun.”

This amazing collection of Laurice tracks is a mind-blowing whirlwind of 70s awesome-ness spanning Glam, Hard Rock and Proto-Punk. If you were smart enough to pick up the Grudge 7in that came out a few weeks back, you can expect more of the same madness that filled up those two sides and a whole lot more. This is a must have!

On the complete other side of the musical spectrum is the new LP from Caethua. These hauntingly beautiful songs tread in the same ethereal territory as the material on the split cass/LP with Shep and Me, but with more room to expand. This makes for a perfect soundtrack to the imminent transition into fall.

Also in stock is the LP of 80s peace-punkers Hagar the Womb, which is not to be missed for fans of Crass, Omega Tribe, Zounds and the Like.

There has been a major deluge of high quality used LPs, which has the new bins overflowing. Also make sure to check out the expanded Country section and the newly minted “Exotica” section to stock up for your swinging Saturday Night.

As promised the feature on Machine Age Records is coming, but has been held up for a few more editorial tweaks.

I hope to see you all this weekend!


About mindcurerecords

Mind Cure Records opened in June 2010 in the Polish Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Come visit us!
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