Third Man New Releases and Restockes

Just in time for the weekend, an order from Third Man is priced and on the shelves. So make sure you stop in this weekend to check out some of these great titles and the bounty of used LPs hitting the bins! Also, I will be out of the shop this weekend, but Ed Steck and Dan Allen will be manning the counter so make sure you stop in and say hey.

From Third Man:
Stephen Colbert and the Black Bells 7in
Lanie Lane – A’nt Hungry – 7in
Black Milk – Live at third man – 12in
LORETTA LYNN – Van Lear Rose- 12in
BLACK MILK – “Brain” (7″ Vinyl)
DAVILA 666 – Live at Third Man (12″ Vinyl)
SEASICK STEVE – “You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks” LP
SEASICK STEVE – “Write Me A Few Lines” (7″ Vinyl)
CHRIS THILE & MICHAEL DAVES – “Man in the Middle” (7″ Vinyl)
THE WHITE STRIPES – Lafayette Blues (7″ Vinyl)
THE WHITE STRIPES – Let’s Shake Hands (7″ Vinyl )
REGGIE WATTS – Live at Third Man (12″ Vinyl)
WE ARE HEX – “Twist The Witch’s Titty” (7″ Vinyl)
POKEY LAFARGE – “Chittlin Cookin Time in Cheatham County” (7″ Vinyl)
the 5,6,7,8’s – SHO-JO-JI(7″ Vinyl)
JERRY KING – The Auctioneer (7″ Vinyl)
AMY WALKER – Discourse on Accents (7″ Vinyl)
FIRST AID KIT – Universal Soldier (7″ Vinyl)
THE WHITE STRIPES – White Blood Cells (12″ Vinyl)
THE WHITE STRIPES – De Stijl (12″ Vinyl)
THE WHITE STRIPES – Self Titled (12″ Vinyl)
THE DEAD WEATHER – “Blue Blood Blues” (7″ VINYL)
CONAN O’BRIEN – “And They Call Me Mad” (7″ VINYL)
JON WAYNE – Texas Funeral (12″ VINYL)
CONAN O’BRIEN – Live At Third Man (12″ VINYL)
BP FALLON – Fame #9 (7″ VINYL)
CARL SAGAN – A Glorious Dawn (7″ VINYL)
JACK WHITE – Fly Farm Blues (7″ VINYL)


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Mind Cure Records opened in June 2010 in the Polish Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Come visit us!
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