Mind Skull Record Store Day releases are still available!

Back in April, Mind Skull Records (Michael of Mind Cure Records) put out 6 releases that were exclusive to our store for National Record Store Day. If you were unable to come in or don’t live here and want to get your hands on any of it, fear not, it’s still available! Here’s the skinny:


Majure - Ben Nevis B/W Jakoda - 45

Majure – Ben Nevis b/w Jakoda – 45: Two exclusive short and sweet tracks from Majeure. Each one a simple, yet building piece of synth mastery. Limited edition of 150 copies. $5.00


Gangwish - Space Case Vol. 2 - 45

Gangwish – Space Case Vol. 2 – 45: The second installment of powerhouse Sam Pace’s Gangwish “Space Case” project. Mixing live drumming with triggered samples which at times harnesses the raw energy of Einstürzende Neubauten but also the warmth of current left-field electronics. Limited edition of 400 copies. $5.00

Fuck Telecorps

Fuck Telecorps - Hard (on/off) Hearong - Cassette

Fuck Telecorps – Hard (on/off) Hearong – Cassette: Featuring amazing full color artwork by Josh Bonnett. Pro-made cassette manufactured and imprinted at National Audio. Two live offerings from Fuck Telecorps. For these recordings Fuck Telecorps was:

  • Stephen Boyle – fake guitar, ring modulator, microphone, telephone, tap, tapes, percuss, junk, shirt and tie
  • Edgar Um Bucholtz – pigs, cdj, silence, beer bottle, pot, scrubs, paper, cornet, radio, voice, misc. objects
  • Matthew Wellins – electronics, clarinet

Limited edition of 75 copies. $5.00


TMEye - Ecolectro Mix - Cassette

TMEye – Ecolectro Mix – Cassette: A sampling of tracks made by TMEye specially mixed for this project from their forthcoming releases. Dreamy vocals flawlessly mixed over-top hypnotic beats with layers of analog synths create the prefect sound-scape for android dreams. Pro-made cassette manufactured and imprinted at National Audio. Limited edition of 75 copies. $5.00

Shep and Me

Shep and Me - Nasturtium Inertia - LP

Shep and Me – Nasturtium Inertia – LP: The long awaited vinyl pressing of Nasturtium Inertia. For those un-familiar, Shep and Me is the moniker of multi-instrumentalist Matthew Himes. On Nasturtium Inertia he continues to create hauntingly beautiful songs woven out of solo guitar and banjo fragments with ghostly vocals layered on top of electronic drones and warbles. Housed in gorgeous handmade sleeves, painstakingly assembled by Himes himself, don’t miss out on some of the most unique music to come out this year. Limited edition of 300 copies. $10.00


Metalian - Wasteland - LP

Metalian – Wasteland – LP: Blistering guitar leads, vocals that would make Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson run to the hills, the long anticipated Wasteland LP from Montreal’s Metalian finally received a limited release for record store day. Recorded in one 14 hour session with limited over-dubbing, the Wasteland LP has sat, pressed, and in boxes, tied up in various delays – offers from major metal labels, artwork problems and an increasingly regulated border has kept this massive slab of NWOBHM influenced heavy metal from hitting the streets until now. This is a limited edition of 100, housed in a screen printed jacket to tide you heshers and headbangers over until the real artwork gets wrapped up. But don’t sleep on this, who knows how long that will take. $10.00

All of the above releases are available at our physical location as well as by mail order. Please give us a call at (412) 621-1715 or email us at orders@mindcurerecords.com for information on getting this out to you!


About mindcurerecords

Mind Cure Records opened in June 2010 in the Polish Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Come visit us!
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