Jerry Webber on NatGeo tonight!

Pittsburgh’s very own, Jerry Webber, of Jerry’s Records, will be on the National Geographic show Taboo tonight at 10pm EDT. They are featuring his record “hoard”. Jerry is an amazing dude with an even more amazing record collection. Tune in if you can tonight!


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Mind Cure Records opened in June 2010 in the Polish Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Come visit us!
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1 Response to Jerry Webber on NatGeo tonight!

  1. Jennifer Coomer says:

    I have been looking for an album my Daddy played when I was young. He passed away June 6 2000. It would mean so much to me if you could just tell me where to look. I only remember that the song we loved the most was about a snake and it was by Johnny Cash. I think the cover of the album was red…..please help me find this it would mean so much to me and my sisters just to hear that song again and smile and think of the good times!

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